Die Making

We are suppliers of a complete range of laser cutting and automated bending and processing systems for the production of die cutting formes.

Our range of Cutlite Penta laser cutting systems are at the forefront of laser technology for the die making market, offering very fast cutting speeds with excellent quality.

We can supply a variety of working area and laser source sizes as either semi sealed / fast flow CO2 and also RF and Rofin 'slab' laser sources up to 3000watts. The choice of technology is yours!

LTF1713 DSC0117

The EasyBender fully automated rule bending and processing systems are very simple and easy to use and very durable making it the number one choice for die makers in the UK and Ireland.

Process 1.5,2,3,4 & 6pt in a range of heights including high rule option available.

Machines can also be supplied with split tooling, adjustable bridge heights, nicking, broaching, cut crease / perforating modules and a choice of pre or post cutter or both!

EasyBender 1 EasyBender 2